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Italy may be known for luxury sports cars, the wine-making industry, and beautiful cities but nothing matches its traditional dishes. 

These traditional Italian dishes are unrivalled and unmatched compared to other dishes in the world. 

They offer travellers various options to try out so they can really experience the local food culture. 

These traditional Italian dishes are deeply rooted in the natives’ culture, with recipes being passed from generation to generation with the aim of preserving their authentic origin. 

Local home chefs are passionate about preparing these traditional dishes and sharing them with locals and visitors alike. 

Are you ready to sample some of the best Italian traditional dishes? Well, you can begin by sampling the following:

  • Pizza 
  • Pasta
  • Lasagne
  • Arancini
  • Pesto
  • Saltimbocca
  • Prosciutto

1. Pizza

Probably the most famous dish to have originated from Italy, pizza is now enjoyed in almost every country.

Talking of Italian pizza, the most common type that comes to mind is probably Margherita. 

This crispy and thin-crust pizza originated from Naples and is topped with garlic, basil, mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil and parmesan cheese.

2. Pasta

Another famous traditional Italian dish, pasta dishes vary depending on the city you are touring in Italy. 

However, you can order a pasta dish from the regional specialities in the city you are in which allows you to have a taste of the traditional pasta of that area. 

Travellers in Rome can order a pasta alla carbonara serving. 

This pasta dish is prepared with ingredients such as eggs, guanciale (cured pork cheeks), Pecorino cheese and black pepper. 

3. Lasagne 

The locals like this dish which originated from Naples and travellers are sure to fall in love with it too. 

It’s a classic Italian dish prepared by baking lasagne pasta sheets that are layered with cheese, vegetables, ground meat and different kinds of sauces. 

For visitors who look forward to trying out various traditional Italian dishes, this is one dish they can’t miss out on.

4. Arancini

Arancini is a traditional Italian dish that is basically stuffed rice balls. 

Rice balls are first coated with crunchy breadcrumbs and later fried to give a crisp and golden brown look. 

The rice balls may also contain tomato sauce, ragù, peas and mozzarella. Just like pasta and pizza, there are regional variations to the arancini dish. 

The balls may be made in different shapes and stuffed with different fillings depending on the city.

5. Pesto

Pesto is a rare kind of pasta that you’ve probably not heard about. 

The dish is defined by its rich green colour that is derived from a mixture of basil leaves and other natural herbs. 

The primary ingredients used in making this dish include pine nuts, garlic, coarse salt and grated pecorino. 

The flavour of the pesto dish is boosted by drizzling some olive oil on it. The local pesto dish is prepared using green beans and potatoes. 

6. Saltimbocca

This traditional Italian dish is prepared using various kinds of meat such as mutton and chicken. 

The dish also contains veal slices that are topped with herb leaves and salty prosciutto. 

The ingredients are sautéed in a sautéing pan till the meat is ready and is very tasty.

7. Prosciutto

Prosciutto is ham that is cured by drying and is cut into thin slices and served uncooked. 

The best form of prosciutto is found in the northern and central regions of Italy. 

The dish is usually savoury and light and goes well with pasta and as a pizza topping. 

Prosciutto may also be wrapped around sweet melons or cheese slices to heighten the taste. 

Traditional Italian dishes are like no other, and travellers looking to try various traditional Italian dishes have plenty of options. 

Although the most popular traditional dishes in Italy are pizza and pasta, visitors can also have a taste of lasagne, pesto, arancini, prosciutto and saltimbocca, which are all tasty traditional Italian dishes.

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