Forecasts for the Future of the Italian Restaurant Industry

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Forecasts For The Future Of The Italian Restaurant Industry

Italian restaurants are becoming increasingly popular these days, and it is easy to understand why. The combination of nostalgia and elegance is hard to find in other dining niches.  We believe that the future is bright for Italian dining, and here’s why.

Italian is a Firm Favourite

Italian food is an international phenomenon. Even in America, where there are certainly plenty of options for dining, Italian food is up there with Mexican and Chinese food as something that diners seek out.

Indeed, diners are quite well educated when it comes to Italian food, looking for Tuscan or Sicilian food specifically.

When diners know their foods that well, that’s a good sign that quality restaurants have a chance at not just surviving but thriving.

There’s a Movement Towards Quality

Polls by IPSOS suggest that the trends in Italy are clear. Consumers are more interested in quality and are looking online for information about food and restaurants.

Eating out is becoming more commonplace, but diners are not willing to accept low quality processed foods.

Rather, they are looking for fresh produce, and high quality and we are seeing that change not just in the true service and experience restaurants, but also in the fast-food industry.

Vegetarian Alternatives

More and more people are going vegetarian and this means that restaurants are starting to explore plant-based options. Traditional ‘veggie’ food is great but doesn’t always fit with the Italian theme.

Having plant-based meat alternatives are a good option for those who enjoy the taste of meat but who want a more sustainable alternative.

Italian restaurants that are moving with the times will be looking for ways to cater to those who want a vegetarian option.

Sustainability in General

Sustainability, in general, is big news for the food industry. While this isn’t something that diners will see, it is going to make a huge difference to how the industry operates.

Sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important for both the big brands and the people who buy them.

Many companies have already pledged to improve how they operate, streamlining their supply chains and reducing waste.

This is something that we are putting effort into ourselves, and we are trying to choose suppliers that are ethical and responsible.

Authentic Cooking

Following on from sustainability, we’re seeing a move towards authentic cooking methods, with flame grills instead of element cookers and microwaves, for example. This is something that diners most definitely will notice.

Food tastes different when it’s cooked over a flame, and we’re confident that this will shine through in dishes that are made that way.

Back to Simplicity

For a while, there was a hipster movement which saw foods served on slates, and with unusual seasonings and garnish. We’re seeing a backlash against that, especially in the Italian restaurant industry.

Diners are seeking a more sophisticated backdrop and traditional plates for a luxurious feel. This is something that we are proud to offer.

In summary, now is a great time to be involved with Italian food. The restaurant experience is one that is becoming higher quality, more ethical, more sustainable and richer and varied.

Fresh produce, traditional preparation methods, luxury experiences and an emphasis on quality make the experience of dining so much better.

If you are interested in sampling what we have to offer, please do not hesitate to make a reservation with us.

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