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Australia's Love Affair with Italian Food

Why is Italian Food an Aussie Favorite?

Australians have been enjoying Italian food for decades – since Italians migrated to Australia after World War II. This was a blessing in disguise as it introduced Italian food and culture. We only need to think about “spag bol” which is a staple in most Australian households. If there is one truth about global cuisine […]
Where Did Pizza First Come From

Where Did Pizza First Come From?

It is probably your favourite meal. As a matter of fact, it’s just about everybody’s favourite meal! Eat in, take away, home delivered, wood-fired, fine dining, by the slice, by the metre – it’s hard to think of another meal that is more diverse and as flexible as pizza. Has there ever been a time […]
A Taste of Italy 6 Traditional Italian Dishes You Must Try.jpg

Traditional Italian Dishes

Italy is a truly beautiful country, blessed in so many aspects. You name it, Italy has got it. From history and culture right through to architecture and sports cars, Italy covers all bases.   However, what makes Italy one of the most popular countries in the world is food and wine. There is no doubt […]
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