6 Most Loved Italian Dishes

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6 Most Loved Italian Dishes

What is your favourite Italian dish? Italian cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, so let’s take a look now at our 6 most loved Italian dishes.

Italian cuisine is well known to many people and is popular all over Europe and other parts of the world as well. These foods are prepared using typical Italian ingredients and methods to preserve their taste and flavour.

Visitors who often tour Italy like to try the various authentic versions of the local food. Italian dishes are characterised by their simplicity and the focus on quality, fresh, and seasonal ingredients.

The most common Italian foods are pizza and pasta, but there is so much more to Italian food than those two dishes. One thing for sure – Italian food is one of the tastiest, and trying it is an experience to savour.

Here are some of the best Italian foods and why they are loved by locals and visitors alike:

1.   Pizza Napoletana

One dish that almost sums up Italian cooking is Pizza Napoletana. This is an authentic and classic type of pizza that holds a lot of history and is prepared with utmost simplicity using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

Pizza Napoletana originated in Naples between the 18th and 19th century and is prepared like any other flatbread but is topped with tomatoes, virgin olive oil, and mozzarella cheese.

Locals and visitors love it due to the history that comes with it and its authentic taste.

2.   Spaghetti Carbonara

It is a traditional Italian food that is associated with Italian cooking and is enjoyed all over the world. Among the pasta delicacies, spaghetti carbonara stands out for its simplicity and authenticity.

Though it is not the oldest or most iconic pasta dish in Italy, this food is loved for its taste and magic in the mouth.

Spaghetti carbonara is a Roman specialty that is prepared using spaghetti, guanciale, eggs, black pepper, and cheese and is best enjoyed without cream.

3.   Ossobuco Alla Milanese

This Milanese specialty comprises veal shanks that are cooked in white wine, vegetables, and meat broth.

It is a traditional recipe that was invented in the 19th century is finished with a fresh seasoning known as gremolata, which is made with garlic, lemon zest, and parsley.

This is one of Milan’s popular meat-based dishes that comes with a rich taste to the liking of the locals and visitors alike.

Ossobuco Alla Milanese is also a favourite dish for many as it goes well with other foods like saffron-laced Risotto Alla Milanese.

4.   Lasagna

Lasagna is a traditional Italian food that represents some of the oldest pasta recipes. It is prepared by alternating layers of pasta sheets, meat, cheese, and sauce.

The most popular and loved version of lasagna is the classic Lasagne Alla Bolognese, which is native to Bologna. It is made with meat-based Bolognese sauce (locally called ragù), Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, and Béchamel sauce.

5.   Panzanella

It is a staple food in Tuscany and is loved for its taste and health value. It is prepared using sweet, healthy bread and tomato salad and is mainly enjoyed during the hot months of summer in central Italy.

Panzanella was first made by farmers in this region who relied on the local produce to make food while working.

Lovers of bread salads particularly love this food for its different variations. Other versions are made using juicy tomatoes, leftover bread, fresh basil, which are seasoned with vinegar and olive oil.

6.   Risotto

Risotto is a unique rice dish that originated in northern Italy. It is a creamy rice dish that is prepared using rice, saffron, wine, butter, and onion all cooked in a broth.

Variations of this dish may contain fish, meat, vegetables, shrimp, peas, mushrooms, cuttlefish, chicken, chorizo, and bacon depending on the region. It is therefore loved for the various varieties that can be made.

Italian food is some of the oldest dishes known to man and are prepared using local ingredients to maintain their taste and flavour.

Some of the best and most liked Italian foods include lasagna, Pizza Napoletana, risotto, Panzanella, Ossobuco Alla Milanese, and spaghetti carbonara.

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